Cadillac CTS Vsport Drive and Review

As college students, we are often on a tight budget when it comes to deciding what car to buy. However, that doesn’t stop our minds from dreaming of what car we’d like to have down the road into a successful career.

The Cadillac CTS Vsport is that candidate. With its superior build quality and safety features, it’s a car you’d love taking your family around in. And whenever you want to unleash the beast, just flip the drive mode into sport or track and be prepared to be blown out of your mind.

We took the CTS Vsport up in the canyon roads of Malibu on a wet Friday morning and despite the weather conditions, the car still gripped onto the road like a magnet. The full sized sedan refused to lose traction even while taking hairpin turns at high (but safe!)speeds allowing me to never even the touch the double yellow lines. I guess that’s the sort of handling you’d expect from a car that’s been tested and fine tuned at Nürburgring! The Magnetic Ride Control has sensors that reads the road at up to a 1000 times per second and adjusts the chassis damping instantly to deliver an enhanced ride and precise handling. All while the seats belt automatically tighten to strap you in to the seat.

The engine itself is a piece of art. Although extremely quiet during normal driving conditions, the Twin Turbo V6 pushes out a staggering 420HP and 430lb-ft of torque from just 3.6 liters making it the highest power density engine compared to any car in it’s class. The 8-speed transmission keeps your fingers busy with the paddle shifters and allows you to launch to 60MPH in just 4.4 seconds. The electronic Limited-Slip Differential (eLSD) optimizes the torque split between the real wheels, allowing for precise steering feel, enhanced stability and maximum traction through corners.

After spending the entire day pushing the car to it’s limits, it was time to hit the busy freeways of Los Angeles to make our way back to the USC Campus. The safety features the car came packed with were even more impressive. Every few minutes I was discovering something new about the car and that felt really exciting. My favorite feature on the CTS Vsport was the vibration alert on the seats that notified you when you were getting too close to obstacles while parking or departing your lane while on the freeway. The blind zone alert worked like a charm on the busy freeways.

The only one thing that seemed to kill the entire experience of driving it was the silly entertainment system panel in the dash. The buttons for the volume control in particular were a nightmare. It reminded me of the days when Nokia first started making touch phones and nothing ever worked the way you wanted it to. A small vibration would alert you when you finally managed to ‘press’ the touch screen volume controls but it was impossible to get it right even after weeks of playing around. Call me old fashioned but I’d rather just have real buttons on the console part outside the touch-screen. If it wasn’t for the button volume controls on the steering wheel I would have probably never even turned on the music.

After spending almost an entire week with the CTS Vsport, it began to make me sad that I would have to give it back to GM. I’ve test driven other cars for them also, but never have I actually felt this way. Maybe it was the precise handling and control of the car that made me feel so attached to it, or maybe it was the fact that I felt that the CTS Vsport was always looking out for me. It’s a weird feeling to let go of a car that you know will probably take you a few handsome years to save up for. But if you’re looking to advise your parents on what car they should be getting next, you know what the answer is.

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