Chevy Electrifies L.A.

The annual L.A. auto show is poised to captivate the car world with the unveiling of many exciting new models, and Chevrolet looks to turn some heads of their own with their latest and greatest technology they brought to flaunt at this year’s SoCal spectacle.


Eager to check out this new tech, we were lucky enough to attend Chevy’s exclusive reveal event before the show to get a first hand look at what they have in store. The event played host to the all-new Spark EV, Sonic RS Turbo, and redesigned Impala, with Chevy’s top directors and engineers present to tell us a little bit about their new creations.


Looking to shatter any preconceived notions about EVs, Chevy has stepped up their game with their new Spark EV, packing a whopping 400 lb-ft of torque, a zero to 60 time under 8 seconds, and a perfect 50/50 weight distribution. This sporty new city car based on the Spark platform has swapped out its 1.2L I4 for an all-electric configuration with a 20 kW-h battery mounted low over the rear axle. I had a personal interview with Chuck Russell, the chief engineer for the Spark EV, who emphasized their “sporty focus” when making the car, saying, “[It] has its own character.” Executive director of EV technology Larry Nitz, the man behind all the electronics and calibrations said, “We went for excitement and fun to drive.” With their sporty take on their newest EV, Chevy looks to have a winner here. The Spark EV is due for production this summer as a 2014 year model with a base MSRP around $25,000 after federal tax credits.


Continuing the sporty theme, Chevy also had their all-new Sonic RS Turbo on display at the event. This hot hatch outfitted with a new turbocharger is also the first car ever to feature full Siri connectivity. It’s illegal to text while driving? Not anymore. With the new RS Turbo, you can text, talk, surf the web and more, all without taking your eyes off the road.


We were also able to check out the new redesigned Impala, my favorite of the night. Taking styling cues from the Camaro, this fresh new full size sedan is sleek, aggressive, and with over 300 horsepower starting around $26,000, it’s something to be excited about.


A night to remember, Chevy has left their mark on us, Los Angeles, and the whole automotive world with their newest innovation and design.

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