Guest Speaker: Amir Rosenbaum *March 4th*

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The USC Auto Club invites you to come listen to our guest speaker, the world’s land speed record-holder having driven 413mph. Amir, of Spectre Performance, is a very avid enthusiast. In addition to owning a modded F40 capable for 221 mph, he owns a number of other awesome cars but will talking about, among other topics:

-The conscious brain and subconscious brain – how I learned to drive at 400+ mph – and how this can apply to many other things in life

-Entrepreneurship and the automotive after market – how I think a person could get started selling high performance parts [ but it’s not a get rich quick scheme – it’s not even a way to get rich, but it might be fun ]

-Why increasing the speed limit by 50% everywhere – including school zones – is the key to safety. Yes, you read that right.

-Natural Gas – why aren’t we all driving on this stuff? I have +/- 15 cars and trucks and want to convert them all to CNG, pr more preferably LNG – and I want to fill up at home.
The only pollution I want to put in the air is clouds of burnt rubber – why isn’t this a reality?

-Why I don’t watch car racing on TV, or go to races – the business of entertainment and why it is at odds with what real racing is.

-And then touching on the idea of the high-speed rail/creating a California canal

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! Remember, Tuesday March 4th 8-10pm WPH 106. Be there and invite friends!

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