The Future is Electric

Not only is the future electric, but also it’s everything us college students will be craving when we graduate.

As president of the new University of Southern California Auto Club, I am able to speak confidently on behalf of our members who attended the Chevrolet Preview Event: the seamless fusion of innovation, sport and comfort presented in Chevy’s line up of cars was remarkable and held much excitement and for many of us, truly redefined the brand.

The USC Auto Club comprises of a very eclectic group of individuals who come from all over the country and with a personal love for automobiles. Tonight with the Sonic RS, Impala, Spark EV and Volt, Chevrolet has taken the first step to unite our automotive idiosyncrasies under a common theme: innovation.

The changes made with the EV edition of the Spark, with its radical specifications blew me away. With 400 pound-feet of torque and 80+ mile range both available in a college graduate’s budget, the Spark definitely raises some eyebrows. These numbers, its technological integrations, comfort and style come together in a very unconventional manner to break the mold of my preconceived notions of a driver’s car. That said, I cannot wait to get behind the wheel of one soon and experience what this little guy has to offer.

For me growing up in the Silicon Valley, Chevy had never really attracted much attention nor interest. I would instead be inveigled by what I was told to be meticulous German engineering, or interested by Japanese imports; I was simply indifferent to American cars. Boy, have the times changed! Chevy’s presentation at this Preview Event highlighted two things for me which I think embodies my change of heart.

First, the employees of, and affiliated with Chevy, are some of the most personable, enthusiastic, down-to-earth people I have interacted with, particularly in an industry which can be so inhuman. The department executives I had the great honor of interviewing were extremely modest and humble about their work while having such pride as well. These interactions really resonated within me and I expect them to have a lasting effect on me as future first-car buyer.

Second, Chevy is really spearheading the push for state-of-the-art technology in its products. I am so glad to see American entrepreneurs taking back the limelight, pushing the envelope with what can be accomplished in the automotive industry. The Siri integration is so integral to a students’ daily life and the USB inputs are a no-brainer. Good on you, Chevy, for making our lives smoother and as simple as possible.

While I can say with certainty that I will always be enamored by the new engines and launch control systems of German sport cars and the sensibility of the Japanese, I am from a generation that is living in a new, often seemingly oxymoronic, automotive lifestyle: we are environmentally conscious yet want to go fast around corners; we actively envelop ourselves in technology while seeking freedom from our daily lives. Somehow, Chevrolet knows exactly this and has executed with near perfection. For that, I applaud you, Chevrolet.


Aaron Bajor

President, University of Southern California Auto Club


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